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Google, Microsoft, IBM, D-Wave, and I am sure many others all offer some form of cloud-based quantum computer access. I checked into all of the providers that I knew about. Let’s check few of the different services offered and how to access them via python.

Quantum AI — GOOGLE

The intersection between machine learning and quantum computing has been dubbed quantum machine learning, and has attracted considerable attention in re- cent years .This has led to a number of recently pro- posed quantum algorithms

Supervised learning with quantum enhanced feature spaces

Machine learning and quantum computing are two technologies…

How Quantum computing can help banks and insurance companies ?

Quantum computers are expected to revolutionize the financial sector. From securities pricing to portfolio optimization ,quantum computers will play a pivotal role in the decision process.

Financial institutions that can harness quantum computing are likely to see significant benefits. In…

What problems are quantum computers for?

Quantum computers won’t be replacing classical computers. They’re more likely to continue working alongside them, just as they are already doing today.

As you will see, we tend use a classical computer to represent a quantum circuit to the quantum computer, the quantum computer…

Quantum computers

Quantum computers are machines that work with qubits (quantum bits) rather than regular bits.


A regular bit is a transistor that registers either a high or low voltage, which corresponds to 1 or 0 respectively.

A quantum bit is a 2-state quantum “device.” Many things can be…

Gradient descent is a generic optimization algorithm that tweaks parameters iteratively to minimize a cost function.

Suppose you are lost in the mountains when it is pitch dark , and you can only feel your movement on the ground below. Now, If you are looking to get to the bottom of the valley or the mountain ,the best strategy is to move towards the steepest slope…

Anacombe’s Quartet was developed by statistician Francis Anscombe.It consists of 4 datasets that have nearly identical descriptive statistics,yet have very different distributions and appear very different when visualized. Anacombe’s Quartet was developed to highlight the importance of data visualization. Each data set consists of 11 (x,y) points as shown below.

Data Sets

Let’s understand some common words that are thrown around while building a machine learning model .

Coefficient of correlation

Correlation coefficient is statistical measure of strength of the relationship between the relative movements of 2 variables. The value of coefficient of correlation ranges between 0 and 1.

Coefficient of determination

Coefficient of determination or R-squared is…

The difference between the predicted value and the original observed value of the dependent variable is known as a residual.There are few assumptions regarding the residuals of a linear regression, let’s discuss them.

There are 4 main assumptions regarding residuals

Linear relationship between residuals and Y (dependent variable)

Error terms…

Linear Regression is one of the simpler models in Machine learning or applied statistics. It can be used to predict a variable(target value)based on the input features.

Let’s say you would like to determine the price of a car using variables such as car width , engine type etc. We…


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